The guest’s first glance of this fashionable garden party plants a sensibility of floral frocked femininity. The appreciation of flowers is a part of that universal yearning for a pastoral idyll that evokes the simplicity of a sun-filled childhood spent running through the meadows. In the frenetic pace of modern life, city dwellers tend to feel progressively alienated from nature and so seek solace in an imagined romanticized garden utopia. Inspired by this play of regression and reality, VERRIER’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection delights in subversions of sweetness and delicious dips into darkness. Urban nature makes an appearance in charming frocks, smocks, skirts and corsets fit for a Courtyard Champagne Party.

The romantic light blue decorative lace of hydrangeas offers a cooling antidote to an over stimulated life and anxious days. What initially appears to be a visually pleasing green embellished vine actually hides tactile wild-growing thorns of crystal. Here one faces temptations fit for Paradise with sheer fabrics suggesting hints of womanly shape through virginal lace and jeweled detailing. Each enticement captures eyes with how her garden grows: floral Swarovski crystal motifs, lily and lilac satin lace brassieres, a jet black lace corset, diaphanous dresses, tulle silk dancer layers, daintily covered tap shorts, painterly blouses and precious skirts.

This garden presence is beautiful and seemingly somewhat fragile with a delicate aesthetic, but subtle warnings hint that stinging bees come not here. When one dares to wage a closer look, it is revealed that each woman’s femininity is well armed with a shellac helmet of hair accented with facial war paint ready to defend her due respect.

Femininity with its seasoned bloom has an earned sensibility of reality, but is forever rooted in the romantic promise of summer’s last kiss.

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