DECADES OF FASHION: The Costume Parisien

Came across these breathtaking images from the private library of the revered Mme Jeanne Lanvin, the founder of the eponymous fashion house LANVIN.  Jeanne Lanvin travelled the world, compiling her discoveries into a “fabric library” that housed her inspiration. As a result, she patterned it all back into modern fashion for her time period, adorning her creations with an artistic profusion of passementerie ribbons, velvet medallions, sequins and silk threaded embroideries – all details which contribute to the evolution of the quintessential Costume Parisien.

For Jeanne Lanvin, art + fashion = 1 ….. It is this peerless artistic sensitivity and unerring sense of style that inspires me to strive to be a deisgner de mode!

All images are copyright of The Selby .

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5 Responses to DECADES OF FASHION: The Costume Parisien

  1. Laurie Winthers says:

    Wow, the cover of the book says it all! Wonderful images. Thanks for researching and sharing.

  2. verrier says:

    Thanks Laurie ~ am glad you enjoyed this post!
    Welcome all your blog comments ….. :)

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