Masao Yamamoto’s Haiku

“For me a good photo is one that soothes. Makes us feel kind, gentle. A photo that gives us courage, that reminds us of good memories, that makes people happy.”- Masao Yamamoto

And so to this end, as the designer of VERRIER women’s ready-to-wear, I aspire to have a good garment one that soothes and feels good on the body. Makes the wearer of such fabrics feel  kind, gentle and outright beautiful. May she walk in confidence with courage, creating her own fashionable memories and sharing happiness.

Masao Yamamoto has come to my attention as one of the most recognized Japanese contemporary photographers. He was born 1957 in Gamagori City in Aichi Prefecture. Masao Yamamoto’s photography is reminiscent of, thanks to some aesthetic elements, Japanese tradition. Using the camera to capture suggestive, observational imagery, Yamamoto provides the viewer with an experience quite similar to that of reading beautiful haiku (Japanese form of poem). His photographs are simple, but offer the ingredients to resonate on an emotional and deep personal level. The power of haiku and of Yamamoto’s work is the power of suggestion, typical in traditional Japanese aesthetics. By providing the stimulus and leaving something unsaid or undefined, the viewer is given the chance to complete the brilliance of an idea and thus become uniquely interactive with his work.  So it goes with women’s fashion.  A dress represents the limitation of no life until it blankets the soul of the wearer’s unique dance. I personally feel there is no meaningful photo without reflection and furthermore; there is no fashion without the hanger of bodily movement.

Images courtesy of Artnet & Nomenus Quarterly

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2 Responses to Masao Yamamoto’s Haiku

  1. katie says:

    Amazing! Love them all!

  2. verrier says:

    Thanks Katie ~ glad you enjoyed this post!!!