The Ms. Mick Lindberg Charm School for Coquettes

The Ms. Mick Lindberg Charm School for Coquettes, founded five years ago with a population of fashionable Coquettes too high to count, recently had six posh graduates (pictured above) earning degrees to grace Mrs. Burstein’s shelves at BROWNS in London. It is with vintage buttoned hand stitched discipline tempered with cashmere cardigans & stockings and further adorned with proper antique lace knickers tucked under feminine frocks, that Ms. Lindberg introduces her labors of love. There is no denial that each lavender filled darling owes much to the kindness of her headmistress for the blossom of such a uniquely fabricated refined personality.  In a finishing touch to ensure success for each of these precious creations, Mick Lindberg’s dedicated intentions seem to fasten a cherished whisper on each diploma to be proud to wear the spirit of being an invaluable gift.

Alumni from The Ms. Mick Lindberg Charm School for Coquettes

Well seasoned graduates from The Ms. Mick Lindberg Charm School for Coquettes

A Valedictorian from The Ms. Mick Lindberg Charm School for Coquettes

Ms. Mick Lindberg graced me with reference to a fashionable kindred spirit

These cozy chic darlings were so obliging to allow me to capture them in watercolor while they were visiting their Alma mater !

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14 Responses to The Ms. Mick Lindberg Charm School for Coquettes

  1. Mick Lindberg says:

    Three*** gold stars .
    I so love your unique take on all things.
    Thank you for featuring the coquettes in such a charming way.
    Much love,Mick

  2. verrier says:

    I so enjoyed the guest appearance of these warm hearted photos. This blog entry was the best of fun for me! xA

  3. Sara says:

    Wow! How nice! Mick is my aunt and I´m so proud of her! The coquettes are så nice!!! I love the painting!!!

  4. verrier says:

    Thanks Sara ~ Your Aunt Mick is so inspirational, a tender soul for sure!

  5. francesca says:

    darling mick and ashleigh,
    now that i have a good close-up look at your coquettes i am dumb founded. how did you manage to knit (?) these tiny tiny cashmere sweaters and socks ? and the small belt ? and the gorgeous silk flower printed skirt ? simply amazing !
    and thank-you ashleigh for letting me see the coquettes close -up and detailed on your wonderful new blog.
    love to both

  6. Maja says:

    Mick is my mother in law and her coquettes really truly reflects her warm and beautiful immediate surroundings. Everything she touches and creates oozes the charm of what you see on this blog. She is obviously creatively talented but it is her sense for all things unique and precious that shines through as well in her home, her cooking and her clothes line Moth as it is in these gorgeous coquettes.
    I am a very lucky lady to have her as my daughter’s grandmother.

    Ashley I love your water colors. You should get that image out for Christmas :-)

  7. verrier says:

    Dear Maja ~ How blessed are you to have Mick as your mother-in-law and Mick is so fortunate as well to have you appreciating her cherished lifestyle ways and enriching all further with a gift of a grandchild…and how privileged am I to be associated with this fond circle!!! Please stay tuned because you will be seeing more evolving around ‘The Charming Coquette and NYC Fashion Confessions” on my blog. I am sincerely so taken by Mick’s perfected attention to detail. Kind regards ~ Ashleigh

  8. verrier says:

    Dearest Francesca ~ Yes, Mick is beyond ‘simply amazing’, more like ‘complexly amazing!’… THANK YOU so much for connecting our fashion spirits. Your supportive words for the VERRIER Blog are so well appreciated. As Always, xA

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