COQUETTE VERRIER début correspondence

One of the well polished graduates from the Ms. Mick Lindberg Charm School for Coquettes in London (previous blog entry), has safely arrived in all of her finery to the VERRIER fashion studio in New York City.  The team at VERRIER is thrilled to be graced with such a fashionable studio mascot and will continue to share Coquette correspondences to Ms. Lindberg, along with photos, in documentation for designer days at VERRIER.

Dear Ms. Mick Lindberg,

It seemed but for a moment that London vanished and New York City entered as my new horizon.  I wish I might have gained some notable reflection on my journey stretching as vast a distance as the Atlantic Ocean, but impressions were for naught in my comfortable condition of stuffed  lavender bliss.

The only recollection I do have is the one of you being so patient with the details of reassuring the shipping personnel that I was not carrying any potential harmful intentions.  Witnessing your fingers diligently unpacking the brown bagged paper and next untying the organic twine to comb through tissued sentiments housing butterfly confetti, must have mesmerized me into a state of travel oblivion.

On no uncertain terms when I did regain my cognitive sensibility,  I opened my eyes to an awareness that I had happily landed where I always imagined I wanted to be upon graduation, in an actual New York City designer fashion studio.  Now I must clarify, this is related with the highest respect in mind for my homeland of Merry England and you, dearest headmistress, along with my Coquette colleagues from your formidable charm school.

Of course reality has not as of yet fully set in, since my fluffy head crowned with a cashmere tam is filled with absorbing such welcomed excitement of being featured as the ‘belle of the ball’ at the VERRIER fashion studio on Seventh Avenue ~ Fashion Avenue to be exact !

There is so much I intend to share defining this New York fashion company way of life in letters to you, my Dear Ms. Mick Lindberg, but for now I will start with the more immediate by attaching these arrival photos and say thank you once again for the caring send off and for having such seasoned insight to know I should be fashionably dressed to the nines for entrance into this brand new world of mine.

Affectionately yours,

Coquette Verrier

PS I know Ashleigh has already started to develop her designs for VERRIER Holiday & Fall/Winter 2011.  Ashleigh promises to soon usher me around the NYC fashion district and have me see firsthand why it represents such an invaluable place for manufacturing VERRIER quality garments.

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