Screen Style : An Education

Finally watched An Education this past weekend and was truly inspired! The theme of a precocious adolescent schoolgirl seduced by an older man has Lolita roots, but An Education is received with more of a promise. Jenny, actress Carey Mulligan, is coming of age and experiencing a rocky maturation in a suburb of England during the 1960′s.

This character is visually captured as a somewhat pallid face without dismissing the reflection of her innocent beauty, but a closer look has her eyes expressing a restless intelligence seeking experiences beyond her years.

Jenny personally finds her surroundings stifling and her peers blasé.

She yearns for a richer life filled with travel that will expose her to artistic and literary pursuits.

Enter playboy David, actor Peter Sarsgaard, portrayed as twice Jenny’s age and seemingly the romantic answer to this Catholic schoolgirl prayers.

An Education is fashionable driven around visuals of formfitting shift dresses layered with draped over the shoulder cardigans, crowned by bouffant coiffures anchored with cloth headbands…all so authentic to this time period.

The film’s settings are well staged to further entice the viewer into the 60′s ambiance and the soundtrack should not be overlooked.

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