She Wears Many Hats To Get Ahead

In my humble opinion, a hat is one of the most noticeable fashion accessories anyone can wear. In 1940, hat makers Dunn & Co. coined the advertising slogan ‘if you want to get ahead and get noticed, then get a hat’! It implied that, in order to advance in life, you needed a hat to help you on your way. Not sure if I endorse this philosophy wholeheartedly, but I can say with honest conviction that I do appreciate a fashionable hat.

Archived below are some of my favorite historical hat ensembles that definitely received my notice!

1955 Photo by Richard Avedon – Model Dovima

March 1950 Vogue

Madame Paulette hat 1963 – John French

1950′s Conde Nast Archive

Harper’s Bazaar – Model Anne St. Marie wearing Frances Pellegrini

Yale Joel photo for LIFE

Regina Relang 1950′s

Model Carmen Dell’Orefice 1960′s

Vogue/Conde Nast Archive July 1948

1952 Legroux Soeurs Hat - photo by Norman Parkinson

1949 – photo by Genevieve Naylor

Erwin Blumenfeld

Dior 1950′s – LIFE Magazine

Vogue/Conde Nast Archive 1956

Vogue/Conde Nast Archive 1959

Henry Clarke 1950′s

John Rawlings photo for Vogue 1941 / Conde Nast Archive

Photo by Rico Puhlmann 1965

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4 Responses to She Wears Many Hats To Get Ahead

  1. Laurie Winthers says:

    Just lovely. The hats are so architectural. I really enjoy the historical slant to fashion in your blog. It helps show the depth behind your collections.

  2. verrier says:

    Appreciate your interest & support Laurie ~ sincerely enjoy researching all things fashion!

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  4. pell grant says:

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