C’est la Vie: Where Versailles meets Manhattan

In the treasure chest of the internet, I came upon these beyond inspiring images capturing an inside look of Mr. Herve Pierre’s apartment in the flatiron district of New York City.  Mr. Pierre’s well orchestrated visual world has left me applauding his composition that plays thoroughly modern with an echo so utterly romantic, noting an authentic eighteenth-century sensibility.

I was raised in an eighteenth-century house in the Loire Valley, where we have thousands of little palaces that the aristocrats used as ‘country houses’. I spent my childhood visiting them every weekend. My mother was a very chic woman, and my father was a chef.”

This gentleman’s fashionable flair was nurtured early and well recognized, as Herve Pierre left the Loire Valley of his youth to become the head of haute couture at Pierre Balmain fashion house in Paris at the age of 24 years. Mr. Herve Pierre continues to exhibit his celebrated talent as the creative director of Carolina Herrera.

“The good thing about the eighteenth century is that it can be mixed with any other style. It’s like navy blue in fashion—it goes with everything.”

Mr. Pierre’s crisp eclectic sanctuary has been brilliantly evolving over the past fifteen years. Herve’s passionate motivation for his interior design surfaced with seeking ingenious ways to combat any personal longing for life in France, stocking macaroons aplenty while showcasing his foyer with a noblewoman’s 1780 sedan chair.

It is fitting to say this palatial condo on lower Fifth Avenue is a living museum breathing the tailored ingenuity of Mr. Herve Pierre.

” I am in New York during business hours,” Pierre explains, “but at home I need to be in Paris!”

It is said that ‘home is where the heart is’ and so now I am left thinking Herve Pierre must have a well designed heart to silhouette such a beautiful home.

All images courtesy of The Selby

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6 Responses to C’est la Vie: Where Versailles meets Manhattan

  1. Jessica Gold says:

    Ashleigh-I agree. I love this apartment and that he collects hatboxes, as do I! It also makes me feel less badly about all the books and accessories I’ve amassed in my small apartment! Thanks for posting.

  2. verrier says:

    Thanks for the shout-out Jessica ~ your positive comments are well received! I’m of the same mind that seeing these NYC apartment images reinforces my fashion paraphernalia habits :)

  3. Laurie Winthers says:

    Oh, the colorful macaroons, the white bird, the blue bottles and old photos in the bathroom! Thanks for sharing this. Quite wonderful.

  4. verrier says:

    You are most welcome Laurie ~ as always, thank you for your thoughtful comments! xA

  5. sharon harlan says:

    I feel like putting on one of your dresses and heels and making myself at home. What authentic living in ones natural experiences. I am in love, I think. Well, a dream love of his memories creation.

  6. verrier says:

    Many thanks Sharon ~ so complimented that you are enjoying the VERRIER blog!!! xA