Enfant Terrible: A Portrait Series

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There appears to be a reciprocal exchange of beholding, as one looks upon the young wide eyed subjects captured by the French photographer Cecile Decorniquet.

A suggestion of experience challenges innocence.  All quirky characters seem to portray that it is fashionable to evolve.

P.S. VERRIER personally looks forward to more fashionable moments ~!!

- Jude Verrier in her early fashion evolution…..

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4 Responses to Enfant Terrible: A Portrait Series

  1. katie says:

    Love the victory rolls! Plus: an adorable young JUDE!

  2. verrier says:

    Thanks Katie, xA

  3. Judith Rice says:

    I would know the Lovely Jude anywhere … even then, her great beauty was apparent!

  4. verrier says:

    Well appreciated coming from another fashionable soul!!