2-D Taxidermy

Andrew Zuckerman is an American photographer who has travelled for a year across four countries to photograph a collection of seventy-four birds which are featured in his recently published fourth nature book, Bird. Using a mobile studio with a vast white background, New Yorker Zuckerman caught his feathery subjects with a high-definition camera, as bird handlers maneuvered these exotic creatures in front of his lens.

To create a living record of the subject that will remain forever. But the inspiration for Bird came from the only bird which appeared first book Creature. Birds have been depicted visually by man, it seems, forever. The Egyptians were great illustrators of birds.

The result is a series of amazing images which give new dimension to nature’s beauty.

Hope you find Andrew Zukerman’s  creative display of 2-D taxidermy filled with color found nowhere else in nature as inspiring as we do!

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One Response to 2-D Taxidermy

  1. Golf Srithamrong says:

    Wow ! colors are so inspiring…