Screen Style: BREATHLESS in Laissez Faire Gamine Fashion

This past weekend, instead of thinking about my next SS2012 collection or SS2011 production or FW2011 marketing , better said as all things NYC fashion, I decided to give myself permission to mind escape into a transport of  all things fashionably Parisian!?!  To appease this Francophile momentary predisposition, I enjoyed the indulgence of watching Jean Luc Godard’s BREATHLESS (or À bout de soufflé), which definitely succeeded in making me feel like I was living the tempestuous romance of Paris.

Breathless is the story of Michel Poiccard (Jean-Paul Belmondo),  a French bad boy who steals cars, murders cops and cons anyone whom he crosses paths with. The story unfolds as Michel pursues a pretty American student, Patricia Franchini (fashion icon Jean Seberg) and fancies himself in love with her. The police are closing in, but Michel is much more concerned with Patricia as everything in his life spirals out of control.

BREATHLESS was part of the French New Wave – complete with all sorts of cool stuff like jump cuts, fancy camera-ness, spontaneous long scene of randomness and a unique glimpse into life in Nouvelle Vague Paris in the 60′s. Directors that were part of this growing New Wave Movement aimed to capture the everyday life of the average Parisian of the 60′s time period, not to dismiss it was a notable time for fashion. The 60′s was the breeding ground for the laissez faire, which was coined for a distinctly French style that would become known as the “gamine” look or a casual combination of basics and classics that manage to look chic and effortless at all times.

If you have not yet had your own mind escape viewing BREATHLESS, I hope this post will inspire you to have a personal laissez faire gamine fashionable Parisian transport experience!

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