MAISON MOSCHINO: Hotel of Enchanted Fairy Tales

A fashionable invitation is captured through an assortment of oh so creative designer images of the Hotel Maison Moschino. The whimsical boutique hotel in Milan most certainly engulfs guests in joyful transforming pages, as only fairy tales profess. This home of enchanting “Once upon of time” visuals, boasts 65 rooms ingeniously inspired by various fun.

Each fantasy is read in a NeoClassical building that was once the city’s first railway station and is now at the hub of what is becoming the modern centre of the 21st century Milan. Sweet dreamzzzzzzz……

Sleeping In A Ball-gown Rooms

Forest Room

Alice’s Room

Little Red Riding Hood Room

Sweet Room

Ivy Room

Life is a Bed of Roses Room

Ribbon Room

Clouds Room

Zzzzzzz Room

The Shadows Room

The Luxurious Attic Room

The Wallpaper Room

The Blue Room

The Restaurant Clandestino Milano

All images courtesy of Maison Moschino

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2 Responses to MAISON MOSCHINO: Hotel of Enchanted Fairy Tales

  1. Allison Egan says:

    How inspiring! Like a dream land! Thanks so much for sharing this!!!
    xx Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  2. verrier says:

    You’re welcome Allison ~ hope you are having sweet dreams in Singapore!! xA