Paris Street Style: Vive la différence

The Street Style images that paraded across the viewer’s lens during FW2011 Paris fashion week, seemingly worn by the pride of human peacocks, featured such a vivid strut of colors.  The spectacle of people watching has been favorably brought to us in mega-watt technicolor, as bold saturated costume oriented hues made multiple cameos.  The academic excellence of the black trend on the Parisian runways was rightfully challenged with the street smarts of florescent pinks, neon greens and even brighter blues.  The pairing of traffic-stopping separates such as, a sporty cropped bolero with a cashmere henley or a stove pipe pant with a saturated hue sock painted brilliant freshness.  These bold cityscapes remind the fashion conscience that the art of street style is very much alive and continues to publicly declare vive la différence.

All images courtesy of Tommy Ton.

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3 Responses to Paris Street Style: Vive la différence

  1. Laurie Winthers says:

    Very fun! Nice post. Are there photos of you Fall collection posted somewhere?

  2. verrier says:

    Thanks for your fashion enthusiasm Laurie ~ you can see images of the VERRIER Fall 2011 collection on the following VERRIER blog posts ~
    VERRIER plans to release an exclusive fashion video online shortly featuring the FW2011 collection in creative motion!

  3. Laurie Winthers says:

    Thanks, Ashleigh. The collection is just lovely. Also was very touched by your video of Japan yesterday on the blog. Sharon tells me that you have many clients there and care very much for them and for the country.