The World of Cédric Rivrain

Came across these emotive fashion drawings by Illustrator Extraordinaire Cédric Rivrain for the Maison Michel look book .

Cédric Rivrain is a Paris-based artist whose fashion illustrations have gained cult status for their exquisite delicacy, soft textures and subdued deconstruction of fashion moments.

Since 1936, the Maison Michel has continued to perfect its art. Creating hats for the most prestigious studios, it is recognized today for its vast capacity to explore shapes and materials.

Between an ultra-feminine refinement and a rock spirit, this illustrated collection revisits a large repertoire of classic shapes, from wide-brimmed hats to top hats, boaters and trilbys.

Accessories, headbands and jewels for the hair unite feathers, lace, pearls or chains and blur the lines with humor.

When I start a drawing, I work on it until I feel I have said something through it. It is at the end that I understand myself what the whole thing was about. It just needed to come out, like a story to be told. Like every artist, I have my inner world and drawing is my way to make it concrete, to make it alive.

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