Today’s outfit inspiration is inspired by the ethereal images of London-based photographer Ellen Rogers. The look mixes and matches hard and soft elements with a quirky twist of color and texture ~ enjoy!

More about Ms. Roger’s breadth of work :

I cannot pin-point a particular moment when I realised that darkness made more sense, or seemed more beautiful. I think it was just a subconscious slew of events that shaded that particular leaning. – Ellen Rogers

Having grown up around the beach towns of North Norfolk in England, Ellen Rogers soon was transplanted to London where she now spends the majority of her hours in her darkroom mixing own chemicals for her unique photography development.

Besides perfecting a portfolio of sensitive images, which often involve dark and contemplative scenes or emotive subtlety, she revels in collecting vintage cameras and comics.

Ellen is also a talented filmmaker, using Super 8 film, while focusing on a wider angle approach to her subjects using varying textures and experiments to find the perfect results.

It is fitting that Ms. Rogers studies Druidic teachings and is fascinated by religion, the occult, scripture, unsolved mysteries, and ancient history which explains a lot about her unforgettable images.

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