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On the border of Shibuya and Harajuku you will find Grimoire, a magical hideout off the beaten path of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo street life.

Grimoire is a curious pioneering shop housed in a vintage wonderland capitalizing on the creation of the Dolly-kei (dolly style) fashion scene, established by former fashion student and Cutie model Hitomi Nomura and the store owner, Naoaki Tobe.

Dolly-kei takes inspiration from antique dolls and fantasy genre movies such as Narnia, Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter to name a few. Vintage clothing selections capturing the wholesome style of the American illustrator Tasha Tudor are quite deliberately reworked.

The Grimoire store offers an array of accessories inclusive of religious artifacts, along with bags and shoes, imagined as fitting for the talented duo’s creative interest in European picture book folk stories. A number of the accessories are made by Hitomi Norura herself, in an effort to fasten the right details.

The namesake Grimoire comes from an ancient magic book and as Ms. Nomura explains, “When you open the pages of the book, the different pages show various magic tricks. We hope people can have a different scene or experience (everytime they come to our store), and we hope we can make more dreams.”

The vintage threads, which are sourced from USA, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, are a playful mixture of bohemian draping whimsically touched by Eastern European gypsy costumes to weave fairy tale-chic.

Hitomi-san, who is also considered a “charisma staff” liaison for customers, says when she embarks on her buying adventures she imagines “girls to wear these clothes so they can change and transform into something else.” The intention is for the magical symbols of fashion to be combined properly to read as a unique favored tale for the wearer.

Grimoire Shibuya Information:

  • Address: Jinnan 1-10-7, テルス Jinnan 7F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041
  • Directions: From Shibuya Station, walk down Fire Dori past Tower Records. Continue to the next block past Tower Shibuya, on the same side of the street and Grimoire will be on the right side. The shop is on the 7th floor, so look for the sign leading to the elevator.
  • Tel/Fax: 03-3780-6203
  • Hours: 13.00-20.00 / Weekend & Holiday: 12.00-20.00
  • Website
  • Follow Grimoire on Twitter

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