Liberté, Egalité, Feminité: {FORNASETTI Plates}


The whimsical collection of Fornasetti Plates were brought to our attention when VERRIER paid a visit to Louis Boston  last May –  leaving us curious to investigate more into the heritage of this Italian artist.

Piero Fornasetti was an Italian artist so prolific, it is said that he produced over 11,000 original art + design objects throughout his lifetime. His plates series equals the one he had with Lina Cavalieri’s face, which he discovered in a 19th century French magazine.

What’s most fascinating is his obsessiveness through the use of a single image over and over again – and his capacity to present it each time in an entirely new angle.

Taking her as much as a muse and as a motif, he would return to Lina Cavalieri’s face again and again throughout his career.

The archetypal classic female features and enigmatic expression of Lina Cavalieri became Fornasetti’s most frequently used template, upon which he based more than 350 variations.

The Mona-Lisa doppelgänger face appears provocative at times and playful at others.

It was this formal, graphic appeal, rather than Lina’s celebrity as opera’s greatest beauty, that demanded such loyalty and inspired the spontaneous and relentless creativity of Fornasetti’s work.

For him, this face became the ultimate enduring motif. With great modesty all these works were reproduced on a series of everyday objects – like the plates pictured in this post.


Fornasetti is celebrated as being among the most original creative talents of the twentieth century.

During his career he created a visual vocabulary that is instantly recognizable and unceasingly engaging.

Fornasetti designed a magical world, saturated in image and color and filled with whimsy and wit making us believe in the infinite potential of a single portrait.

For purchase of Fornasetti’s designs, please visit ~ L’Eclaireur 

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