Deconstruction or Destruction?

“Half a century ago, students researched at home with the family set of encyclopedias, or took a trip to the library to find needed information. Now, owning a computer, and connecting to the internet gives a student the ability to complete a research paper without ever going near a library”, she said. “I fear that it is rapidly leading us to rely less and less on the reference books common in the last two centuries.” 

The mixed-emotions surrounding the fast-pace technology world in which we live has inspired Texas based photographer Cara Barer to mold old phone books, computer manuals, maps, and comic books  into create hypnotic sculptures, which she then photographs onto a black background.

Barer has expressed she hopes to raise questions about the ways in which people obtain knowledge in the modern world, and about the future of books.

“With the discarded books that I have acquired, I am attempting to blur the line between objects, sculpture, and photography. This project has become a journey that continues to evolve.”

Ms. Barer’s art is without doubt breathtaking, but does not exist in a world without controversy. Am left thinking if an artist cuts up pages or destroys the spines of a book in the name of art, are they are committing a violation of a sacred object? You be the judge.

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