elements of style: OUTFIT INSPIRATION #6

Welcome to the natural high of Bali Hai: home to ornate Hindu Temples, black-sand beaches and delectable purple mangosteen fruit! Inviting Pilates classes assist to stretch out your day for simply lounging or providing your with a lift to be more ambitious to visit boutiques filled with exotic textiles, along with intricate jewelry and home goods. Bali offers a unique balance for those seeking internal spiritual harmony with a dose of external cultural stimulation. This form of tranquility penetrates a renewal for all things celebrating life. In fact, it is suggested that the Balinese people have well figured out the existence of being in the human race without the element of the rat race. Such a peaceful populous on an island of visual splendor creates a holiday of holidays, as depicted in this personal photo diary. The bright colors so picturesque on the canvas of Bali are curiously soothing, rather than electrifying.  The memorizing heritage of Bali has inspired another ‘how to best outfit your day’ from the VERRIER collection closet, showing  ’elements of style’ ~ Enjoy, or as the Balinese say, “Memikmati!”.


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