Behind the Seams:The VERRIER Model Tee Collection

VERRIER is launching an e-commerce platform next week in the name of! As part of our launch we are introducing ‘The Model Tee’ collection,  a selection of fashion model illustrations hand screen printed onto various jersey t-shirt designs. The authentic detail of each model sketched is the premise of why VERRIER is able to sincerely promise that every product introduced is exclusive as a collector’s item.

We are thrilled to be working with the  design studio Kayrock Screenprinting in Brooklyn, NY, to print each of our artisanal designs.

Each shirt is printed on an M & R Chameleon Screen Printing press. With its revolutionary two-tier design, unrivaled expandability, and rugged construction, Chameleon is without question the world’s best sampling and manual production press!

We’re excited to feature a full line of plastisol ink additives as well as a complete range of silk screen ink  custom pantone colors for each vibrant Model Tee VERRIER  shirt.

The shirts are strategically placed onto each board for printing.

Next, each ink is hand applied layer by layer onto the shirt by color to create the shirt’s unique deign.


And voilà ~ a VERRIER  Model Tee is ready to be fashionably sported! These croquis drawings are inspired by a range of all things suggesting visual art aspirations dancing to the rhythm of internal musical notes.  There is an intention with VERRIER fashion designs to have you be the ultimate artist by taking these creations and bringing them to life, only as your own inner celebratory spirit will be able to do ~ Please visit the VERRIER BOUTIQUE to view our many model tee selections next Monday, September 17th!



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